Cleanup And Remediation

Ten reasons why Enviromold is the #1 Mould Remediation (removal) company in British Columbia?

  1. There is an onsite project manager who is a Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediation (removal) Technician for every project.
  2. Every project is 100% confidential.
  3. All chemicals used are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and 100% safe.
  4. Demolition is only done when it?s 100% necessary and done to the absolute minimum.
  5. Every remediation project comes with a professional report with digital pictures of before and after.
  6. Every remediation project has a scope of work detailing every step of the remediation project before it begins with verbal progress reports throughout the project.
  7. All WCB regulations are strictly followed by all Enviromold employees.
  8. Our technicians ensure that contamination does not spread to other areas of your home or building. Negative Air Machines with HEPA filtration ensure mold spores that become airborne remain inside of the polyethylene containment area.
  9. All remediation (mould removal) projects include verification air samples taken after every remediation project. This ensures that the remediation process was successful and that the house or buildings air quality is back to safe levels and suitable for occupancy. Without it, there is no proof that the unsafe levels of mould are gone or that the company did what they were hired to do. These verification samples are analyzed by a non-biased independent laboratory and given to the client.
    What this means is that when Enviromold leaves, the house or buildings air will be "cleaner" than the day it was built and we'll stand behind our work.
  10. Lastly, we have exceptional customer service.

Can't I hire a general contractor or even remove the mold myself?

Yes, but it?s not recommended and here?s why :

The average person or general contractor has no training or expertise in understanding how to safely remove mold from a structure. Some general contractors (not all) will tell you, ?I?ve been a contractor for years and I?ve taken tons of mold out of houses?it?s no big deal?. Sadly this is the case for many general contractors and the truth is they?ve never taken it out correctly. It takes an expert to remove mold to industry standards and to leave a structure ?clean? and safe to be inhabited.
Some of the problems with removing mold yourself or hiring a general contractor with no mold training or expertise :

  1. No air samples or other mould samples (tape lift, swab, or bulk) taken inside the structure. Enviromold takes air, tape lift, swab, and bulk samples, when necessary, to potentially determine the type of mold growing inside a building and in what concentrations. This will determine if further safety precautions will be required and are always analyzed by an independent 3rd party laboratory.
  2. No adequate containment barriers erected around contaminated areas with Negative Air Machines with HEPA filtration. Enviromold technicians are trained in the latest containment procedures, ensuring that contamination does not spread to other areas of your home or building. Negative Air Machines with HEPA filtration insure mould spores are neutralized and remain inside of the polyethylene containment area.
  3. Improper chemicals used to kill and disinfect the mould. Enviromold uses only commercial grade, EPA and Health Canada approved antimicrobials in the remediation process. All of our chemicals we use are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and 100% safe for even children and the elderly. Often people use bleach to try and disinfect mold. This is an inadequate and ineffective mold killer. It should never be used as it will not kill all the mold and the mold will simply grow back.
  4. Improper equipment to prevent the toxic mould spores from being reintroduced back into the house or building. Enviromold uses specialty equipment like Certified HEPA vacuums and vacuum assisted power tools to prevent the toxic mold spores there removing from re-entering the house or building and causing greater contamination.
  5. No Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Enviromold technicians always use the required personal protection equipment that is required by WCB to remove mold.