There's nothing more important than the health of your family. Many families are living with unsafe indoor air quality and don't even know it. Because mould can start growing 24-48 hours after being exposed to a moisture source, the longer a person waits the worse the problem will get. Enviromold technicians are trained to investigate, identify potential problems, and make recommendations on any possible steps to repair the situation. Our technicians are very friendly, helpful, and informative.

Do your employees seem to be calling in sick more often than they used too? Are they complaining of fatigue, nagging cough, headaches, or runny noses? Your building may be making them sick. The indoor air quality of the workplace can affect your employee's health, performance, and moral. Enviromold technicians can inspect the building and take air samples to identify any potential indoor air quality issues.

Most people in the market for a house wouldn't imagine purchasing it without having a home inspection done before purchasing it. It gives you a detailed analysis of the house and what problems and deficiencies it may have. So what about the indoor air quality of the house? If the house was showing signs of mould growth and the seller simply painted over it, would a home inspector find it? Unlikely, but an EnviroMold inspector would. That's because all EnviroMold Certified Mould Inspectors are also Certified Home Inspectors.

Our technicians can give you a Certified Home Inspection, Certified Mould Inspection, Indoor air quality testing (air, tape lift, swab, or bulk mould samples), borescope behind walls, moisture and relative humidity reading, gas leak detection, and carbon monoxide testing all in the same inspection.

Why recommend a home inspector, when you can recommend a Certified Home Inspector who's also a Certified Mould Inspector? Your clients will appreciate your knowledge of potential hidden dangers that might affect there families health. Recommend an inspection company that has the expertise and training in all aspects of house design and function, but is also certified to perform indoor air quality testing.

Mould related lawsuits for new home construction have sky rocketed in the last 5 years. Did you know builders are finding themselves liable for mould related issues at epidemic rates in North America? So why is it happening in new home construction? One of the reasons is the fact that the moisture content of the lumber being used is too high. Moisture content must be no higher than 19% according to Building Code. There's a simple reason for this, if the moisture content is higher than 19% after the drywall is installed, mould can grow. With the legal community saying that mould is the new "asbestos" of the 21st century, builders are searching for a solution.

What's the answer? Enviromold has developed a cost effective three step process that is a safe, environmentally friendly, pre-treatment for new home construction to control mould, decay fungi, and insects. The process is backed by a 20 year manufacturer warranty against mould growth* and is exclusive to Enviromold. It costs a fraction the cost of fixing a mould problem after the house is finished and can be sprayed on while the wood is wet. The product allows the moisture inside the wood to escape but no moisture to absorb in. Be proactive and differentiate yourself from your competition. Recoup the cost by implementing antimicrobial coatings into your current marketing strategy or offer it as an upgrade at your buyer expense. The antimicrobial sealant will give you legal piece of mind in the absence of adequate mould coverage in your liability insurance policy.

For many commercial buildings, indoor air quality issues can go undetected for much longer periods of time. People inhabit these buildings for shorter periods of time and health effects seem to take longer to surface. Another issue in commercial buildings is when mould is found, maintenance personnel often try and remove the mould themselves, unaware of the detrimental effects it may cause. This can be lead to huge consequences in regards to the size of the contamination and the raised levels of mould spores in the air. One inch of mould can have as many as one billion mould spores. If that one inch of mould is toxic, gets disturbed by a maintenance person trying to cut it out, those toxic mould spores will go airborne. Once there airborne, they can get into the heating and cooling systems and contaminate the entire building.

A very useful tool that Enviromold offers is our "Self Monitoring Service" for Goverment and Non-Profit Societies where we perform mould and air quality inspections every 6-12 months. We recommend a walk through inspection every 6 months and air samples annually. This allows you to be proactive and prevent possible mould issues before they happen. Enviromold has the experience and expertise to identify, minimize, and prevent mould problems before they happen.

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